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To Pupils & Parents ,

The Grade 1 English textbook aims to make your experience of learning English fun and successful. Consists of six units based on the following themes: home, school, games, food, transport, and animals.

This will help you consolidate your knowledge of alphabets and colours through simple activities and games.

This is followed by six units.

Story time: You will listen to a simple story several times. Your teacher will use a big book. You can read together when you are ready.

Vocabulary building: You will learn simple vocabulary on different themes.

Grammar time: You will learn basic grammar so that you can produce simple utterances.

Little writers: You will learn to write words and simple sentences.

Creative fingers: You will carry out creative activities related to the theme of each unit.

Sound it out: You will learn the sounds that letters produce. This will help you to read simple words.

You will be taught life skills and values. Songs/poems: You will learn in a fun way, by singing and reciting poems.
I check what I know: You will assess your learning at the end of every unit. We hope that you enjoy learning English throughout the year!

The abc team.

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Level One Text Books  

Book 1 Lets Learn English Text Book 1

Book 2 Lets Learn English- Text Book 2

Jungle Animals - Story Book 1 

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Getting Started Lets Learn English & have fun BOOK 1